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    The variety of AVS furnace equipment includes front-loading horizontal furnaces, op-loading, bottom-loading or bell-style vertical furnaces, vacuum furnaces, vacuum drying ovens, hot press furnaces, autoclaves, sinter HIP furnaces, CVD furnaces, CVI furnaces, Hetherington furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, zinc reclaim furnaces and semi-continuous furnace systems.



    1. Vacuum Furnace          真空爐

    High temperatures up to 3000°C, high vacuum to 10-6torr, partial pressure gas atmospheres in the millitorr or torr ranges, and positive pressures up to 1 atmosphere (14.7 psig). AVS has in-house capabilities to fabricate graphite hot zones using soft felt or rigid g-board insulation, as well as non-particulate metal hot zones including stainless steel, nichrome, inconel, molybdenum or tungsten, when required. 

    2.  Sintering HIP furnaces    燒結爐(熱等靜壓)

    上下、前后、左右6個方向加熱。最大壓力大于150 bar,最高溫度2300°C.

    Also, offers standard Sinter HIP furnace sizes for tungsten carbide from 1ft3 volume to 20ft3, operating up to 1600°C at 60 bar or 100 bar of argon, with available Rapid? Cooling systems, load transfer systems, hydrogen burn-off capabilities and gas recovery systems. 

    3.  Hot Press Furnace 熱壓爐

    壓力范圍5~2000噸,最高溫度2400°C,最好真空10-6 torr,壓力精度0.025%

    4. MIM Furnaces 金屬注射成型燒結爐 

    Graphite heaters and insulation can meet the basic needs of general-use MIM parts at lower cost. For sensitive medical products and specialty MIM materials, AVS also builds refractory metal hot zones using molybdenum or tungsten elements, heat shields and retorts.

    5. CVD Furnace   化學氣相沉積爐 

    可沉積: silicon carbide, pyrolytic carbon, boron nitride, zinc selenide and zinc sulfide

    載氣:nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, methane, silicon tetrachloride, methyl trichlorosilane, boron trichloride, carbon dioxide, ammonia and others. 

    6. Hetherington Furnaces     Hetherington爐     最好真空:10-6 torr

    7. Zinc Reclaim Furnaces     鋅回收爐

    8. Industrial Autoclave       工業高壓釜

    9. Plasma Nitriding Furnaces  等離子氮化爐