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    冷等靜壓 Cold Isostatic Presses (CIP)  最大壓力700MPa



    1. 研發及中試

    2.  規模生產型

    Φ Typical pressure vessel inside diameter up to 300 mm (12 inches)

    Φ Compact free standing on the floor units or modular units when vessel needs to be standing in a pit

    Φ Top closure handling devices with or without load handling system

    Φ Customized units with numerous options for controls, automation, fluid filtering, decompression, etc.

    Φ Vessel inside diameter up to 1750 mm (68.9 inches)

    Φ High displacement triplex plunger pumps up to 250 MPa (36,250 psi)

    Φ Wire wound pressure vessel and yoke frame design for high pressures combined with large vessel diameters

    Φ Large fluid handling systems for one or several CIP units (emulsion oil dosing, large area filters, etc.)

    Φ Ancillary equipment for mold handling and washing, transfer, etc. (integration in automated lines)

    熱等靜壓 Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP)  最大壓力400MPa





    Φ From hot zone diameter 76 mm (3 inches) upwards

    Φ One or two zone furnace design

    Φ Advanced computerized controls

    Φ Interchangeable furnaces for various temperatures and atmospheres

    Φ Flexible computerized programming of cycles, data-logging, etc.

    Φ Typical hot zone diameter from 150 to 300 mm (6-12 inches)

    Φ Two or more zones furnace designs

    Φ Cascade control for optimal temperature distribution in the load

    Φ Open top heatshield design for quick load handling and fast cooling option

    Φ Uniform fast cooling with enhanced rate (jet cooling) for economic and/or material properties reasons


    Φ Hot zone diameter with references up to 1650 mm (65 inch)

    Φ Multiple zone radial Molybdenum furnace built on heatshield inner shell

    Φ Additional bottom heater combined with load support for better homogeneity

    Φ Guiding systems for quick load and furnace handling

    3. 規模生產型